REPUBLICAN SPECIALIZED SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL MEDICAL CENTER OF ENDOCRINOLOGY (RSSPMCE) is the only research and treatment and diagnostic center in Central Asia.


The main goal of the RSSPMCE is to provide highly qualified endocrinological assistance at the level of world standards, as well as:

    •     The struggle for the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders.
    •     Conducting unique operations on the thyroid, parathyroid glands and adrenal glands.
    •     Therapy and diagnosis of radioactive isotopes of the pathology of the thyroid, parathyroid glands, bone system, etc.
    •     A modern approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus (diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot), the creation of a registry, the introduction of international standards and high-tech treatments. A hemodialysis center was established, as well as an ophthalmic diabetic department.
    •     The only laboratory and department of neuroendocrinology in the Republic (creation of a register of various forms of pituitary adenomas and adrenal diseases, introduction of international standards for the treatment of neuroendocrine patients).
    •     The introduction of high-tech methods of surgical treatment of various pituitary adenomas.
    •     The presence of the Department of Reproductive Endocrinology: diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders in both men and women.  (introduction of international standards for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with reproductive disorders).
    •     Laboratory and department of pediatric endocrinology with immunogenetics. This is the only unit that provides assistance to children in the Republic in all areas of endocrinology.

        In our Center, a citizen of any country can receive high-quality medical care, regardless of the place of residence and actual residence.

        Director of the Center - MD Professor Alimov Anvar Valievich

        Deputy Director for Science - MD Halimova Zamira Yusupovna

        Chief Physician of the Center Clinic - MD Khaidarova Feruza Alimovna
        Our address:
        Mirzo Ulugbek district, Mirzo Ulugbek street, 56, 100125, Tashkent.
        Contact phones:
        +998 (71) 262-25-53 registry
        +998 (71) 269-06-09 admission department
        +998 (71) 262-27-02 secretary of the director
        +998 (71) 262-23-68 secretary of the chief physician
        +998 (71) 262-27-02 fax

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