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7a Yangishahar str., block 3,
Yunus-Abad district,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100194

About Research Institute of Virology

building.jpgResearch Institute of Virology was established on December 27, 1978.

According to the resolution №134 Cabinet of ministers of Republic Uzbekistan the institute has become a part of Republic Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences on March 11th, 1994.

Since 2000 years the institute has been translated in system Republic Uzbekistan Ministry of Health as «Scientific research institute of virology of Ministry of Health of Republic Uzbekistan» under the resolution of the Cabinet of ministers of Republic Uzbekistan on March 30, 2000.

The institute is a clinical educational base on preparation, retraining and improvements of professional skill of medical personnel. The institute educates medical personnel, clinical interns and post-graduate students.

There are following structural departments in institute: feral herd and extremely dangerous infections, the National Influenza Center, clinic, and laboratory-diagnostic departments.

The basic areas of institute are realization of scientifically-methodical and coordination activity in the field of virology and rendering to the population of highly skilled and specialized medical aid on diagnostics, treatment and prevention of virus infectious diseases.


  • Supports to the population highly skilled specialized medical aid on diagnostics, treatment and prevention of widespread virus and other infectious diseases; 
  • carries out research works in field of epidemiology, clinics, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of virus hepatitis, a HIV-infection, a flu, the bird's and new flu, arbovirus and other virus infections; 
  • establishes epidemiological monitoring over arbovirus disease, studies their feral herd and laboratory diagnostics, improves measures under the prevention of their epidemic distribution among the population; 
  • develops and introduces in practical public health services modern laboratory methods of diagnostics of virus infections; 
  • spends research works on quality studying diagnosticum, virological and bacteriological medications; 
  • Carries out clinical tests of medications, medical reports, and also methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of institute. 
  • Supports the methodical and practical help to public health services establishments in studying of efficiency of immunoprophylaxis actions against virus infections; 
  • Establishes scientifically-practical communications with experts of virologic service of republic and the foreign states, represents own scientific and technological achievements in the medical world abroad; 
  • Carries out training, and advanced training, and improvement of professional skill of medical personnel; 
  • Establishes together with the Centers of AIDS monitoring over HIV-infection disease in republic, studies clinical forms of illness, gives medical aid and studies efficiency anti retrovirus medications, establishes of regular medical check-up; 
  • Prepares and publishes scientific magazine, collections of scientific works, monographs, methodical study of recommendations and information materials in the field of virology;